This is just the start...

Friends of Peterson has made many accomplishments, from giving more opportunities for students to learn, but also for teachers to further their education. FoP has supplemented Peterson Elementary in bringing the community together for celebrations and in times of need. We're excited by what we've achieved, but we're even more excited by what future holds!

5 years, but many accomplishments

During the last five years, the FoP, which works to provide opportunities for all students at Peterson, has funded over $400,000 worth of books and curriculum, music and sports equipment, teacher training, field trips for students, and technology. In addition, the FoP has provided financial support for the Art program.

Our community came together in crises and raised $40,000 in relief for Peterson families who have faced tragedies.

Friends of Peterson is working to bring Peterson students and families what they need for a good education, and we’ll need more support than ever.   

What We've Achieved

  • We have funded an additional art teacher so all students receive art education.

  • The last 3 years we have funded a 2-day teacher training seminar for 4 teachers.

Art Teacher, Judy Edstrom

Art Teacher, Judy Edstrom

  • Raised $35000 in fire relief for Peterson and community families.

  • A new piano in the auditorium for the Music Department.

  • Teaching aids for 4th-6th grade mathematics and science program.

  • More than 1400 books purchased for Peterson classrooms.

  • FoP has purchased over 250 Chromebooks to help implement science, math, and social studies curriculum.

  • From a great evening at International Night, we were able to fund the VEX Robotics equipment for our after-school robotics competition!

  • Two middle school Pop-Up Libraries.

  • Cameras purchased for the art department and yearbook club.

  • Purchase of a basketball hoop, hockey and soccer goals, as well as other equipment, for the PE program.

  • Flexible seating for a 2nd grade classroom.

  • STEM supplies which students used to create these designs to students who have cerebral palsy who need a foot orthosis to help correct their gate.